First h3llo. New to the music forums. Sort of. I lurk around but rarely post.

Any who.

Was hopping I could maybe get some info help.

Scored a GenMdm off the bay, last year. Just got around to hoping it up. I know WTF right. I've been buisey. But it's plugged in. But I can't seem to get it to work. I get a audio tone wen it's first powers up, but after that nothing. I think it's a midi issue. Idk!

So first. 

I'm running OS X 10.6. Is this the problem?

The genMDM is pluged in, USB A to Mini B, USB port. Plus a midi out to the genmdm midi in.

I get a error message when I power down the gen, saying it's sucking to much juice. Could this be the culprit.

I've tried almost every damn combo in the Midi input and output widow in the editor. Nothing.

Any suggestions would help.

Thanks for takeing your time to check out my thread.


Maybe try reflashing the latest firmware? … mware.html

Can you run it off a powered hub?

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The tones show that the cart is booting. OSX should be fine, it handles midi better than Windoze. Does a port show up in OSX? Kind of sounds like there is a short and the PC is shutting down the USB port. Try plugging in the Teesy without the cable to the Sega. If no power error message, check you joypad connection. If you still get the error message, check the board for a short. If that looks OK, then you might have to buy a new teensy and load the last firmware. But do try reloading your current Teensy first.
good luck, yogi

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I experience some strangeness with mine occasionally. You should get two different audio cues when going to use it. The first is when you start the Genesis with just the cart, you will get a single note that holds out for a while. After you hear this note, plug in the USB and you should hear a bunch of the channels build up a chord.
If you don't hear the flourish of notes, grab the necessary programs and see if your teensy shows up before flashing. If it shows up, flash the latest firmware. If it doesn't show up, try using several different USB cords.

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