Hi all, I was hoping to get some feedback on my first attempt navigating LSDJ. Happy to hear and feedback anyone has on composition, instruments, or whatever. Just trying to learn and hope this will be a good place to give and receive feedback in the future. Much appreciated!


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you got quite a groove going! it would be cool to hear a bit of variation in the patterns with the pulse channels, don't be afraid to break up the groove, throw in a little surprise here and there. also, after you've introduced the basic groove and chord progression, don't be afraid to deviate from that. the listener will be familiar with your basic theme and you're free to drop one of the parts to showcase something new. you also have a lot of options at your disposal to vary the sound with pulse channels as far as attack/decay/sustain/release, vibrato (don't be afraid to use a V command with value F4 or something like that), pitch bends, and duty cycles. also the noise channel could be used a lot more. if you throw some of the percussion to the noise channel (and even the pulse channels), you can free up the wav channel for the cool synth sounds. so i'd recommend learning how to make wav kicks and pulse toms so you can use some wav bass! hope this helps, keep up the great work!

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Thanks a bunch! I tried playing around with vibrato a bit, among some other effects and definitely want to build from there. Agree not doing much with the noise channel. Will be looking to do more. I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that pu1 and pu2 do not seem to be created equal, in that one cant do certain effects, right?

I'll have to go back to some tutorials on percussion in the noise channel and pu. Thanks again!

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I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that pu1 and pu2 do not seem to be created equal, in that one cant do certain effects, right?

right, only channel 1 can do a frequency sweep, and only channel 2 can adjust tuning. The other fine tuning adjusts PU1 up and PU2 down simultaneously which makes a cool chorus-kind-of effect when they play the same note.

Awesome thanks!

Hey nice track! Reminds me Wario's Castle music in Super Mario Land 2, if you see. I also think that what you could do is use noise channel for simple drums parts. You don't really need the kit samples for this. Noise channel can do a good job. This way allows you to have bass line in wav and create polyphony with pulse. Otherwise the best advice I can give you is taking good models. Do you know Zef and Danimal Cannon? You will learn a lot of tricks from these guys.

Thanks a bunch! For my next attempt i have as suggested moved drums to the noise channel. I will look into those references if i haven't already (I have watched lots of YouTube videos but can't remember names). Thanks again!

nice job