Hi nanoloop users,

yesterday I've use my nanoloop 2.7 on gba sp and nanoloop mono with a custom prosound bivert dmg to record a track.
I use a elektron a4 to insert the audio to add a reverb on top of each track.
I try at the beginning to sync them with a lsdjmc2, then with only sync cable, then without sync cable.

I found that the "sync" with a lsdjmc2 or the direct "sync" cable introduce a little bit of hiss and the sync signal seem to be merged a bit with the audio signal. So in the end I play a bit without any sync and I've got no sync signal merged and a pretty good audio signal, it seem to be clean. The good thing is nanoloop 2.x and mono can be well sync without any cable if you keep the same tempo on 2.x and mono.

So my questions is :
- is something wrong on my setup, are you able to reproduce the issue at home ?
- can we sync for example two dmg without hiss or signal merge, because it may come from gba sp+dmg which are not well compatible, it's not a problem for me to use two dmg, i've only one mono card, but I have a nanoloop 1.x card ;
- what are the possibility to record in sync without sound garbage and with a sync cable ?

I've seen this kind of issue this suller when I play my nanoloop 2 slave sync to my korg electribe 2. The sync signal is merged, the electribe e2 has not a good audio input so at the end you hear it. So when you play lots of stuff, it is not too visible, it is just in the beginning of the track or at the end of the track.

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the only way to get rid(minimalize) of the sync hiss/hum is to put a ground loop isolater on every gameboy audio out, im using nl mono/nl2 synced to my electribe er1 using an older sync device lsdjmc2 this is not a bomb, anyways i always get hiss/hum, noise floor with gameboy, i think someone else has more technical info but try purchasing some ground loop isolators online somewhere??? good luck!

So this ground isolator works ?
I should try to find one

Yeah, ground loop isolator is the way to go. On the audio signals or on the sync signals

EDIT: Or use a Game Boy Player smile

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I wouldn't suggest using nl mono on a gameboy player or any nanoloop lol but to each his/her own

I will try to record without sync first because i have no f*****g idea were to find the right stuff and i fear to be a little disapointed if I need three of this ( 2xaudio +1xsync minimal ) to see if it does the right job for me.
Do you have link to the loop isolator you use ?

And yes, I will try my arduinoboy to see if it is less sensible to this kind of noise.
I keep you informed because I have 5 dmg, 4 nanoloop 2x, 3xnanoloop 1.x, one mono, 1xlsdjmc2, 3xarduinoboy so... i have lot of test to play with.

I was able to record previously, but the audio quality is really important for me, and today I'm not satisfied.
I like to put reverb and delay on stuff and you need clean audio signal to do it. Without it, it began to be garbage record because the signal is too visible and if you put an lpf on it, there is nothing in the end...
I'm not the kind of guy which play a dmg without any effect, so... it's difficult to know how to find the right stuff.
And the nanoloop mono is really clean without sync.... So... it's really... not cool....

Anyway you gave me the right answer, it's not as easy as I thought first.

Have you tried doing the direct out mod, where you connect an audio output directly to (I think) pin 31 on the cart connector? I did this and the output is super loud with a very clean signal.

@pselodux, I have not try this, but it should be a good idea. Do you use nanoloop mono in midi slave with the direct out mod ?

I have done some test, with my elektron a4 as a mixer today.
The best sound quality I get is with this setup :
- 1xgba  sp                  nanoloop 2.7    sync slave to lsdjmc2        audio input 2 on the a4 ;
- 1xgb dmg standard  nanoloop mono sync slave to arduinoboy  audio input 1 on the a4 ;

Honnestly,  no issue with nanoloop 2.7, no high pitched signal ( seem to work really better than with my electribe e2 in slave sync ).
But in this setup, for nanoloop mono, I need to put the lpf of the a4 to 90/127 because the dmg  send a high pitched sound when it is linked to the arduinoboy... A pro sound dmg seem to be worse on the same pattern.
So I may need to try the direct out mod to solve this.
But honestly, it will make me cry to solder this beautifull card smile

No, don't solder the cart! You can solder directly to where the cartridge slot connects to the board on the DMG.