Hello guys,

I've been experimenting with MilkyTracker for a while and here are two tunes that I came up with:

Here are the .xm files if anyone wants to check them in MilkyTracker: … ery=178022 … ery=178099

What do you think about them? Which path should I take to improve from now on?

St.Petersburg, Russia

commented both of it on sc. nice sound smile
what is your secret of writing five (5!) minutes track, tell me!


Oops, didn't realize this topic was a few weeks old until I'd written this whole post, but maybe it might still be helpful:

Cool tracks! Nice harmonies and some pretty good melodies too.

That being said, I think you could work a lot on your instrument levels in Dawn Pollen, as the track in general sounds pretty unbalanced. For example, you have a pretty decent kick sample but I can hardly hear it over those blaring leads! I'd recommend turning down the volumes for all your instruments besides the drums, but especially those 2 melodies in channels 14 and 15 as they're quite loud.
Another thing is that right now those melodies are going on at the same time and fighting for the listener's attention, which is something you generally want to avoid, at least at the beginning. I would introduce them one at a time, and then maybe play them together later in the song so that the listener will be familiar enough with them to not be totally lost trying to follow both at the same time.

Quinoa Fields sounds pretty good for the most part, but personally I wouldn't pan the bass in channels 14-16 and the melodies in channels 9-11 as much as you have here. Because these elements are so prominent, it can be uncomfortable and disorienting for some listeners (including me) if they're not panned near the center. If you do want to have them off to the side, you should reduce the volume more and more as you get further away from the middle.