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I got this nice Casiotone from a friend of mine (although I have some others from this family - like MT100), This one have fullsize keys, thus it's much more playable for me.
I'm planning to modify it. It has only 6 locking switches for sounds (12 tone presets at all)
I'd like to add all possible sounds to it, so I need matrix of 10 locking switches turning each other off.
I need to disconnect other switches by turning one switch on.
Has anyone some experiences, how to do this?

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You could also consider using banana jacks instead of switches. I find that a lot easier to do when bending and it also lets you explore the thing further after you wrap the whole thing up. At least that's what I did with my SK-1...

Czech Republic

I also thought about 10 position rottary switch,because I couldn't find anything else. But I'd rather use something simmilar to original casio locking switches, because it seems much faster and comfortable for switching presets...