Hi there,

Fresh in to chipmusic after stumbling into a Chipzel set recently in London (V&A in London if anyone else happened to be there).

Been listening to her stuff a lot, particularly Phonetic Symphony.

Also Zef's Ground Zero EP.

Found a few more artists by searching here and googling a little (Fantomenk and Sabrepulse are pretty cool). But since they use stuff in addition to Gameboys (and I understand that Chipzel doesn't), I was wondering if anyone could recommend the kind of banging melodic house type music (NOT hardcore/techno) that Chipzel does, whilst still using just Gameboys?

Off the back of getting into Chipzel et al. I've also gone about getting LSDJ (running on PSP at the moment till I get it on GB cart) and going down the modding route (I like tinkering!) and I was looking for some more music to inspire me with what can be done with JUST a gameboy.


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Check out Star Fighter Dreams, Broken Satellite and IAYD.  They are some great Texas chip artists.

in no particular order

Fighter X
Je Mappelle
Pain Perdu
Slime Girls
Cooshinator/Muzak Efron
seconding IAYD

IMHO just listen to everything, regardless of genre, because it will open you up to new sounds and at this stage that's really important

edit: VVV oh yeah that reminds me, Abandoned On Fire!

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Basebit is a label that you'll enjoy: https://thebasebitrecs.bandcamp.com

Trey Frey (https://treyfrey.bandcamp.com/album/tbbr002-refresh)
Electric children (https://electricchildren8bit.bandcamp.com/album/i-am)

Also, post up your music when you make it!

Psynaptik wrote:

the kind of banging melodic house type music

Pretty much 99,2% of all LSDJ users.

Chipzel is the real deal.

I've got three recommendations for you:

Oldschool Shirobon - https://shirobon.bandcamp.com/album/gol … remastered
Ro-Bear - https://ro-bear.bandcamp.com/album/three-years
Baifan - https://soundcloud.com/baifan/03-70s-li … -by-aonami

Hate to tell you guy but

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Psynaptik wrote:

the kind of banging melodic house type music

Pretty much 99,2% of all LSDJ users.

hahaha, this is completely true

But yeah, seconding Je Mappelle and Roboctopus, although Je Mappelle does a bit of everything, pure mixed or non-chip.

funny name, zel(enina) is in my language vege(tables) so her name evokes something like fruits and vegetables of chiptune smile

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Nooo mentions of Nordloef so far?.. Well Nordloef.

Harder/more banging LSDJ music is hard to find imho. Some of his songs will strip the skin off of your knuckles.

Well that's an awesome list of artists to go check out - thanks all!

re: Trey Frey, yeah, I stumbled across him via a video recommended to me on YouTube of him doing a 4 gameboy mix ("This week in Chiptune" I think) which was mind-blowing!

Herr_prof: That's a real shame in a way. I'm sure that her new stuff will sound great, but I was always impressed by how good she made a gameboy sound by itself.

For me, it's not that I'm a purist or anti-fakebit or whatever, but I'm kind of more interested in the restrictive design of the gameboy and LSDJ and what can be done with it, rather than the chip sound per se (not even for nostalgia purposes, although I'm MORE than old enough!). I find the idea of making full-blown music with just a gameboy quite amusing in a way - that's the fun and interesting part for me.

To use other more professional gear like modern synths, drum machines or sequencers just seems a little cheating in a way (although it's not - it's just different) and removes that fun aspect for me. Ah well, I'll always have Phonetic Symphony!

Keep them coming if anyone else has 'similar to Chipzel' reccs.

Yes, Spectra, Instellaria and Super Hexagon are all game music albums.

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You know what, changed my mind. The sexist stuff (and following discussion) is now moved to the graveyard and I gave Martin a two week ban.

Concerning the actual topic, definitely check out:
Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubo
Keaton Blue

urbster1 wrote:

Cooshinator/Muzak Efron

I second this that guy is a genius

Probably forgetting a few...

actually a few of these are more hardcore/techno-y but I left them in cause you should still hear them if you're looking for stuff that's inspiring on a technical level

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