Happy 2017 ! A new release for the new year: "Artificial Presence" 20 minutes of technoromantic ambient sounds enhanced with visuals by the magnificent Julien Ducourthial aka Otro. Additionally to the mp3s I also hand out the xm-files, so you can snatch samplepacks and instruments.


© Album cover : Julien Ducourthial

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Maybe I'll try to make a remix. smile

this is just lovely

Tronimal wrote:

Maybe I'll try to make a remix. smile

lass krachen! smile

@barbeque: thx

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this is incredibly tight. and super excellent presentation!

Really enjoyed listening through it while watching the visuals on the website! Quite trippy! I like the mood of this album, though I wouldn't know how to define it smile

thank you guys. if you are interested in the thought process behind this project I gave an interview about it on the art blog http://www.kiwaida.nu/bmk

This morning I had my phone on shuffle and Quick Freeze came on and I was like damn I need more Rico Zerone in my life and now I see this and the site won't load and I'm crying so hard I can't stop

YES!!! Hey Rico, super awesome release! Always look forward to new stuff from you.

And its been way too long since I've seen any new visuals for Otro -- what a great combination smile

That link to the interview seems to be down, but I'd love to check it out. Let me know if its anywhere else online.

Cheers smile

@Saskrotch: have you tried to change the browser? In chrome or opera it works fine on my elderly CPU.

@NO CARRIER: thanks man, I was also pretty happy to have Otro on board. About the interview- I hope the blog resurfaces, probably the site is just on maintenance.

can't get enough of this.