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Hey guys!

I've made a preset pack of which I've recreated the gameboy sound chip into Xfer Record's Serum!

Pack includes:

- 100 presets

- 10 LSDJ wavetables (fully automatable)

- Gameboy pulse recordings + 20 wav channel waveforms

- 10 Gameboy noise channel recordings on the noise oscillator

- BONUS arpeggio presets for Xfer Record's Cthulhu

Thought this may be of interest to anyone who loves the sound of the Gameboy/LSDJ but wants to play around with it in a DAW workflow!



As a huge fan of you, xfer and chiptune. I am more than happy to throw some cash at you for this. smile

Also I've been looking forward to this, ofc! smile

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Cheers bud! Hope you get along well with it! smile


The  wave sounds nasty! Thanks. I've wanted something like this for LGPT.


I absolutely love your GB preset bank and was wondering if you can tell me how you made some or one of the sounds in the bank from scratch
Any information would be useful. i would love to know the concept behind the recreation of retro sounds with modern Vsts.