I know it's little of topics.
But now it's possible to have native emulator on the ps vita. If you can purchase one, you will be able to launch snes, genesis, and other stuff "native" without psp emulation and in one hour of work or less.
I play the shareware version quake 1 with it this friday and it's definitely a good hardware.

The scene go fast, and in 6 month I think the emulator will be gold, today they are not, but you can play with it. Some lack a bit on the sound area, but the graphics are fine with 60 fps.

The "hack" is only a webpage.
And the FW is a month ago, so if you go on a store you can purchase them maybe for 100$.
A lgpt and picoloop port could be doable on this hardware. So think twice about it wink

EDIT : I don't encourage piracy here but let's do fun stuff with hardware and good software wink

EDIT2: go only with FW 3.60 or previous

EDIT3: showcase of supported with source code

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I got henkaku Running on my vita too, but the emulators sound awful. Absolutely atrocious. Thisis of course just the "sound emulation" of older consoles, but sampling based programs should run very nicely.

In fact, it's the same with emulation in my 3DS. I really need a portable way to play SoE for SNES, but with the current state of the audio's not worth it. sad

That being said, don't get excited about excited about running lsdj on either one. Although I have found the 3DS to sound a little better for GB/C and great for GBA.


@jazzmaraz, yes for an unknow reason some emulator have problem with sound.
I think they will fix it soonly, but I think today they quite don't know what they are doing wrong.
quake 1 has no problem with sound, and it decode mp3 file and play small wav for sfx. So, I'm not worried on this part wink


@jazzmaraz it's a bit off topic, but haven't you tried to use a good bluetooth gamepad with an android phone? There are great snes emulator on it, for example this one: … hnsneslite


@Jazzmarazz : you should look at retroarch on the ps vita, seem to works fine on the sound area.
- genesis : sonic and street of rage 2 is good
- gb : lsdj is fine, but you can not save...
- snes9x : mario is fine, mario 2 not good

Unfortunately no save state today... I've play ten minute of lsdj on it, and it's nice, good screen but... the save doesn't work... so... wip today...

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I've said bullshit, it can save state and load them back smile
So LSDJ seem works as nice as the psp but you will need a file by song... unfortunately...
You have to bind the "retroarch menu" to ( for example ) the left joystick so with this you can "trig" the retroarch menu which let you save/load state, really cool to have a beautifull screen to play with smile

You can download it from there :

Here is the doc : … ed.437034/


Do you have to recompile psp homebrew to work on it?

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I have not try it, but yes, seem every psp homebrew should work without recompilation see youtube video smile
It give me ideas smile