Hey guys,

I've been making the soundtrack of Santria, an Earthbound inspired RPG, and just wanted to show you and see what you have to tell me.

Thanks in advance!


Decided to listen to them, I like the school theme the most, I'm guessing it's going to be looped and that transition from end back to beginning is really good.

The battle theme felt to me like I wasn't going to fight something (it felt more like something I'd hear if I were outside or doing something playful and not something that would really pump me up for battle), but I have to ask, is it meant to feel like that? I never really played Earthbound and I haven't really heard of this game (and I don't really look up many games nowadays), but I like to feeling "Alright, let's do this" battle sequences in games, so more upbeat music that can psych me up interest me.

Overall, all the songs have their own feel to them, which is great. They do feel as if they fit with calm gameplay, but that would be about it. After a while, it felt too easy for me to listen to, so more complexity would be nice to hear (santria theme and the school them don't feel like this, I listened to the m several times because I want to study them more deeply).

I hope this helps (I don't know too much about musical theory, though I am learning, I just listen or make what sounds good to me). If you want an opinion about a more specific topic, feel free to ask.