I posted a topic looking for some CC on my first "Chipmix" about a month ago, and it was very valuable, so now I'm back with numbers two and three.

Give a gander.

-Do the tracks generally sound nice and "full" to ears that aren't mine? I'm concerned that #3 might sound a little muddy.
-Are the musical themes... nice? Cheesy? Mellow? Overly repetitive?
-Is there anything that you just plain don't like?

Thanks folks!

Boise, ID

Hey, another person from Idaho. Your music sounds good. You have a lot of pretty panned arps; sometimes they are very quiet in the mix. I'd say let'em shine. smile

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ el ass dee j

1. The tracks have an ok mix, they're a tad muddy, and some denoising for the mix would help. I don't know if it's an issue with your recording software or what you use to record, but it's very low quality, and there's some weird low end that pops out that drowns the mix with too many clicks (in track 1). I would refrain from using too many O or K commands unless you're masking them with percussion or something that requires punch, they can really overpower stuff if you don't EQ properly.

2. Honestly, I dig the melodies a lot even if they're "cheesy." I'd be lying if I said they weren't a bit catchy. Though 8 minute songs are a bit offputting, and it does get a tad repetitive. There are a few accidentals you have to watch out for, as they sound a tad out of place and bring you out of the mood when you hear a bad note.

3. Instrumentation needs work. Leads and arps are pretty good, though they could use some more PWM. Samples are done tastefully.

Overall, keep up the good work.

Atlanta, GA

I dig it! I imagine these go really well with other instrumentation. I agree that the command clicks are very prominent in the mix. It'd probably bother me if I was using headphones. The fact that the songs are long doesn't bother me really but I listen to prog-rock and stuff.  I'd love to hear some guitar on some of this stuff man!


Thanks everybody!

My recording situation is not the best. I have no outboard mixer, meaning I have to split two gameboys into two channels to record directly into the computer. That forces good habits in the tracker, but the SP and DMG I'm using are quite different in terms of volume, so once I can run four different channels for the both of them, I'll get to max the volume on both and drop the noise floor down quite a bit. This will happen soon.

I honestly didn't notice how obnoxious the command blips were. They get kind of lost in my headphones while I work. Now that I play these out of my stereo for the first time, however, it sounds pretty disgusting. I'll develop some good taste about that.