Hey So i'm in the process of building a new live rig for my upcoming shows and i had a few questions about gameboys and some modifications...

1. i've previously tried plugging in a power adapter into the gameboy to not need to use batteries but ive always noticed there was a buzzing sound that came out when i did that... compared to when i had batteries, the sound was clear as crystal.... now i've looked online and saw that there are adapters for the DMG power plug that convert it to USB and i could just run them off a battery pack or a USB-wall adapter.... so the question is:

Is this a common thing to buzz when powered by the power plug? will hooking up the DMG to a USB wall adapter cause the same buzzing? and is there a fix i could do to eliminate that buzzing? maybe changing caps or something?
(Ideally id get rid of batteries and build an arduinoboy or teensy boy directly inside the battery case IF i can avoid the buzzing)

2. I'm planning to use the gameboys (2 of them) with midi hooked up to an arduinoboy or a teensyboy... i tried to do some research on the teensy in USB over midi and see if i could connect 2 teensys to the same computer and have them be separately identified but could not find any solid information... so the question is:

can i hook up 2 teensyboys onto the same computer (ideally iPad since that's what im gonna be useing to drive them) and will they get identified as separate devices? (i could probably use arduinoboys and simple change the midi channels on one of them so they work together in the midi channel spectrum but this means i need an extra MIDI input adapter which i'd like to bypass and use straight USB midi....

3. thinking of changing my old backlights in my DMGs and i see that there are el backlights nowadays but i remember back in the day they said that they also caused a slight buzzing sound compared to LED backlights... was wondering if that's still the same case or they evolved....if not then what would be the best backlights for the DMG currently?

4. what are cool useful hacks that have come up recently for the DMG? it's been a couple of years since i really followed much chip news and now that im getting back into it id like to see what's the latest craze when it comes to DMG hacking... ive seen a lot of lil parts on kitch-bent but some of them im not even sure why they exist....

Sorry if these are loaded questions.... looking forward to hearing some replies big_smile

Thanks guys

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1: get a usb cable and a powerbank.
Ac adaptors tend to buzzzzz 60hz or 50 he depending on your location.
Some do, some don't. Most do.

2: dunno.

3: get a new screen from bennvenn. Otherwise, see kitsch bent.

4: check out bennvenn

Timbob wrote:

4: check out bennvenn

did that.. some pretty awesome stuff right there... except that the entire store practically is sold out.

Definitely interested in that DMG screen panel would be a great upgrade for my old DMGs with very sketchy backlights (and also for a couple that i killed the screen on but still function)