I'm trying to figure out the best way to route the output from the original SID chip,  combined with the added second chip,  to a 1/4" stereo jack.

I see there are a few spots where audio can be grabbed on the mainboard and some people suggest this.  I think the BigMech tutorial did... But I have issues following his as it's kind of vague and nondescript.

Also some people suggest pulling straight from DIN pin 7? And others advise buffering?

Is there a simple and straightforward way to do this?

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Thanks for this but I have already installed a SID2SID board. Was looking for a solution with what I have in place already.  And one that won't cost me any money lol


There is no fix to the limitations of the sid2sid board. You just have to accept it for what it is and decide to love it or not. You are correct with the ideas for the workarounds though. Pull the audio from where you like and feed it to the jack. Might as well ground the audio input of the second sid, if you're doing surgery.  I've seen people pull the audio directly from the chips outputs and feeding them to jacks. I would advise you to make peace now with the fact that you could hasten the end of the machines natural lifespan by altering it without understanding the electrical consequences. If you're cool with that, do it. There are tons of links for more info.

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I'd like to mention a circuit that can save the life of SID's. Doesn't matter how you pull the audio out from the SID, this should go between the output of the SID and mixer/amplifier/soundcard/etc: