Hello readers

Something is weird in my NL cart , I was unable to fully wipe it out to see if the issue remained or not.
So if someone wanted to recreate the bug he 'd be welcomed.
What's happening:
Let's make a pattern on R channel
decay envelope with max volume and env. lengt 5th position from the left (or longer)
note C highest octave for the lower sound (u know Oliver's trick with ultrasound..)
Use these settings for the 1st 7th and 13th steps .

Can you save this?

I once was able to save it but when playing in the patterns section , I could not load anything else after loading this one, freezed NL...

That was a pain so i changed my pattern with shorter enveloppe saved it and solved (in a way)my problem.

fyi I'm now unable to save this freezy pattern anywhere.

Hope you understood me , tryed the freezy pattern and tell me if you can freeze NL or not.

Thank's for your concern

have a nice day or night

PS: my last waveform from bank one is impossible to be saved after mods either any similar issues.

please try this:
start the game boy and hold START until "1/8" appears below "nanoloop".

thanks Oliver for your answer

I've already spoken with you last december with my issue and tryed holding start with no effect.
you tell me to do it again so i do it again this morning ,waited till 8/8
and no changes at all.

fyi I've tried on a few dmg's and a cgb.

Anyway Nanoloop stays on the TOP

I'm just wondering if it's a common issue or if I'm kind of special (laughs)

bis bald

it's a bug: it won't save as long as the ultrasound bass plays. so if you have a constant tone, it will freeze. it doesn't matter what or on which channels you save, memory access is generally blocked, it will also hang when you leave the song editor for example.
workaround: don't save while you have a constant ultrasound bass tone playing. use at least one shorter tone or insert other notes.

Thanks for clarifying
now i do understand what's going on
so i'll be able to sleep smarter

thank you again