-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- BITGRID IV -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

from 22u00 till 05u00

It's no April Fools, but serious business; BITGRID will be back on 1 April with a 4th edition. As usual we're going to try to step it up a notch again. Prepare yourself for a night with some of the best Europeanen acts, mindblowing visuals and inflatable partytricks.

---- LIVE MUSIC ----

** Goto80 (SWE) **

A Swedish artist that made chiptune before it was actually created. In the scene you might come across him as a musician, blogger, researcher, artist,… This guy is a real legend who’ll make us dance to his catchy tunes

** Shirobon (UK) **

This London based artist is well known for his 2006 album ‘Golden apples’. Afterwards he expanded his area of expertise from Gameboys to synths and other modern tech, but his love for the 8bit sound has never faded.


A Dutch electronic musician who combines his eternal love for 8-bit, noise and basslines into inimitable live sets.
Using two classic Nintendo Gameboys as instruments. Monodeer's own brand of dark, noisy, lo-fi mastery will get you moving to the sounds of deep chip-bass and melodic hooks.

** Rymdkraft (SWE) **

This is the second Swede that’ll get you moving at BITGRID. With roots in the demoscene, he’ll blast you with Crazy-happy chiptune/bitpop music. His last album got released on the infamous Japanese label ‘Cheapbeats’. Nobody can suppress a smile when dancing to Rymdkraft’s beats.


HEXADECI is a LO-FI breakcore producer and performing artist from the UK! Armed with an AMIGA A1200 plus various other midi devices, his heavy, fast, bitcrushed and distorted style will have you raving like theres no tomorrow! His latest album “The Alone In The Dark E.P.” has been released by the American label “Radiograffiti”. … e-dark-e-p

** Mega Thrive (NL) **

Young chiptune violence from Breda. This gentleman provided us with amazing visuals at the last event. Now he’s back with his Gameboys and musical talent.

** havocCc (DE) **

This German will start the evening with 8bit Nanoloop techno, be on time and don’t miss it!

** Jotie vs. HIA (BE) **

These guys are rough, raw, deadly, energetic and 100% Belgian.

** I Am Legendary Robot (BE) **

Is a trio's that will get you headbanging on 8bit metal using 2 guitars, 1 drum and lots of blips and blops.

---- VJ ----

** beelzondernaam **

-----FREE game Salon -----
from 19u00 till ....

Starting from the early evening you can come and chill in Het Bos to play some games, have a drink and catch up with all your chipmates.

** Indie Game Salon **
The House of Indie invites you to a meetup where Belgian game developers bring their work in progress. Don't have a game to show? Feel free to join us, have a chat and test drive some games!

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