Hello, i did two simple videos with first test's with the nice nanoloop mono togehter with the volca bass and keys and the microbrute:

Here synced by the beatstep pro
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTBZkTf … e=youtu.be

Here synced by a sequence of the microbrute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fct4oxT … e=youtu.be

Greetings fReD

hey man so im like 3 months late but could you tell me your opinions on the mono vs nanoloop 2.7?
I've been an lsdj guy all my life and i decided to get into nanoloop for live shows and while im really digging 2.7's features and sound signature... running it on my SP leaves me with hissy nightmares and broken bass depth dreams.

I could run it on the DSlite but that way im stuck out of syncing to anything.... was thinking running the mono on the DMG to get the bass from there and everything else from the SP.... is there a big difference in bass depth and quality between the 2.7 on SP and mono on DMG?

From what I've seen, syncing nanoloop 2.7 on gba sp mix the sync signal with the audio.
Same problem on nanoloop mono....
The sound of nanoloop mono is great without hiss on my dmg and same thing on my gba sp with nanoloop 2.7...
I've try direct sync between gba sp and dmg, and a arduinoboy and a lsdjmc2....
Nothing was able to remove completely the sync signal.

If someone has a tricks which remove completely the sync signal I take it. I remember someone talk about magnet around cable.... I have not try it.

Today I've found the tricks which works for me.
I only use one nanoloop version and I use my elektron gears or my electribe e2 which are good to be sync 'manualy' to nanoloop.

So in the end, for me, sync is not really a good option today, you will have garbage in the audio signal....

EDIT: the good thing is nanoloop 2.7 can run at the same speed as nanoloop mono, they stay sync for more than five minute, so.... it's not really an issue for me.

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