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Yo crew, I've started making some youtube videos of myself playing through some of the classics. The most recent is my attempt at Super C for NES, in 60fps no less. It's not a speed run, but also not as casual as a Let's Play. It's more like a retired gamer's nostalgia run. I've got a picture in picture camera on my controller as well so you can see this retired gamer's button mashing in action. I don't know, just trying to get some more video content out there on Youtube. I'm no stranger to video games, so I figured this would be a fun thing to mess with.

A lot of places on the internet seem to throw a hissy fit if you respectfully try to share videos you've made, so if you have any suggestions of where a guy can safely share his stuff, please let me know! Outside of Twitter and Facebook, I really have no idea how to spread the love. Are there some subreddits I should know about?

I've only made 3 videos so far, but I finally have a decent procedure in place to make more with less hassle, so I am planning to just keep making these. Any suggestions you have are definitely welcomed, especially if you have any criticism. Thanks for letting a guy share.

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