have you tried Arch Linux on the pi 3 by any chance?

Nope as I have a B+and clearly lacking in setup skill. Did think a debian executable may have been so on deb/rasp tho.. Tho I am linixnoob fo.sho

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sorry, my response was aimed at CartoonBomb since they're having trouble getting the pi 3 to work with piggy using raspbian.. b+ works fine with raspbian (i'm using an old wheezy build on mine for it, using that chippi since i use that sd card only for my b+ piggy tracker needs.. if i get some time, i can try uploading the img of my card with my samplelib and projects removed for a,b & b+ users and possibly model 2 but haven't got one to test that it works)

Someone is running LGPT in Raspberry 2 or 3 with a new Rasbian image succesfully?

from what i've heard, it's working on pi 2, not on 3

Built it for RASPI for Raspberry Pi 2 running Jessie which works sort of OK, getting some audio glitches
Tried building it for DEB instead of RASPI, will see how it went when I get home.

Don't understand why the RASPI Makefile omits Jack though..?