Hi, i'm sorry if this is dumb but i just received my nanoloop cart along with the midi-usb adaptor and im trying to sync it to ableton...

i hooked up the adaptor to a gb link cable and a usb cable, ableton detects nanoloop midi but i can't seem to get it to launch nanoloop. i put nanoloop on the E mode top right corner this should be for external no?

Also, if i understood correctly, this midi-usb adaptor can also function as a midi interface for controlling mGB? i tried the same with an mGB cart but nothing worked.

i tried both sync mode and midi mode both for nanoloop and mGB... no avail... can someone please clarify it for me!

so i managed. to get mGb working on my macbook but on my windows machine it didnt work. fair enough... now im trying to figure out if i can run it on my iPad.. trying to send midi to my mGB cart through ipad. the ipad detects the nanolioop[ midi interface but this time i can't really hear anything..

Did you also enable SYNC on the ableton midi out settings?

herr_prof wrote:

Did you also enable SYNC on the ableton midi out settings?

I did.... honestly the instructions are really generic and weak, but i managed to get everything working both on my macbook for nanoloop and mGB as well as my ipad.

Kinda weird it didnt work with windows but im okay with that.

the adaptor defaults to MIDI mode (for mGB), to sync nanoloop, it first has to be set to SYNC mode via https://www.nanoloop.com/update/nlmidi.html
select "midi mode" and click "sync". if it doesn't confirm with "sync mode ok" but just says "...", unplug the adaptor, reload the page and try again.
the adaptor remembers its mode even when unplugged.

also, in mGB you have to press B to get it started.