Kittenrock and Chippanze present: Balearic Beats vol 43 – Chipmusic sounds of summer.

14 tracks of the types of things you might hear on an Ibiza Chillout compilation CD that your mum might buy from a supermarket, but made using old computers, consoles and trackers.

Fresh tracks from Yerzmyey, Joss Manley, Hypnodrive, Comptroller, Cheapshot, Pulselooper, irrlicht project, tmt, Mr. Spastic, GOTO80, Jellica, Mister Beep, Rico Zerone and Vince Kaichan (and a last minute secret track that didn't make the deadline!)

Art by KeFF.

Stream/Download at the Chippanze Bandcamp or Kittenrock … -of-summer

great stuff. fav track Joss manley - fleas

So SO awesome

Who is the girl in the picture? I need her name please.

word is out: this is the choice cd-r for brazilian carnaval this year.

All-around awesome compilation! Those Balearic islands you're talking about must clearly be on a different planet than the one I'm living on.

Sorry not my thing I have several chill out CDs far better than this.