Okay. The gloves are off. Get ready for one of my best albums of all time. Legend of Hirimono represents a solid 2-3 years of development into chipmusic. It is the culmination of a great many months of hard work and head scratching. It's also one of the most infuriating albums I've produced. I actually rage quit for like three months before returning to finish it. But it's done. And it's awesome. It's something that I'm immensely proud of. Yeah it has it's problems. But it's done. It's intended as an Asian album akin to samurai and ninjas and all that good stuff.

The album also has a hidden theme. The story goes that it's a game and you're playing it on a cartridge. But something is messed up on the cartridge and as the game progresses it gets glitchier. By the end you're looking at total corruption and the game just breaks. Is it a cover up for my creative burn out? Maybe, but it's also an awesome ending to a crazy album.

Also, there was supposed to be another song in this album. I love ace of base, and did a couple of songs referencing the song Wheel of Fortune. One of them made it into the album. The other one I felt was too close to the actual ace of base song, so I cut it from the album.

I made the artwork myself in photoshop elements 11. Fun fact: the crossed swords actually hide a screwup on the shield.

Aside from that stuff, I took a long hiatus from music in general to work on YouTube stuff. That's now over and I'm working on three new chipmusic albums.

I don't have dedicated music videos for this album, but it's scattered across my YouTube career.

Here's a link to the google play page:

https://play.google.com/store/music/alb … &hl=en

As always, I'm open to feedback. However, most of the issues have are being fixed in my upcoming albums. Thank you for reading, and enjoy the music!