Hey All

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread. A producer friends of mine and I want to collaborate on a project. Basically where we combine my LSDJ and his beats and samples (using Maschine). The idea would be to have a LSDJ overall melody and glitchy sounds and Maschine providing the hard hitting 808s and such.

How would we pull this off live? specifically to link everything up? Suggestions? Ideally he would build a track and I would use live mode to sample in LSDJ but the BPMs would be off.

Can't wait to hear your input. Thanks!

use an arduinoboy or the nanoloop usb midi adapter to sync the two. it's pretty easy to set up

a cheaper option being recording lsdj chains as loops in maschine and then sequencing to those loops

Thanks. We would record the chains as loops but we wanna do this live and put on a show (without just pressing play). The idea is a two man show. Gameboy vs Maschine.

I'm always a bit confused regarding arduinoboys and what they actually do. Could someone explain what that would do in this context? and how it would sync with Maschine? (or Ableton, Logic, etc)

it's a midi sync device primarily, you'd hook the midi out on the maschine's hardware interface to the midi in, set the appropriate modes for lsdj midi sync on lsdj and arduinoboy and make sure your software on the laptop is sending midi clock out to the maschine's midi out. there are other things an arduinoboy can do, but for your purposes this works. the usb nanoloop midi adapter is cheaper and would work as well, just you'd hook it up to the same laptop the maschine is hooked up to just using a usb port, set the software to use the usb adapter as the midi out, connect a game boy link cable to it, and hook that up to your game boy. think the nanoloop usb adapter ships with it already set to sync mode, but if not, you'd set it to that, and use the same mode in lsdj as for the arduinoboy (forget exactly what it's named at the moment, i rarely use lsdj)