Hi this is a long shot - but has anyone heard or know of this guy "Hassy" ? I just paid for a cool piece of old Amiga hardware - and once he received the money he became strangely disconnected and essentially refused to send me what I had just paid for! (quite a few dollars I might add).

Linked below is a gameboy mod or something similar he has done - but his main site lists his huge amount of audio / visual tech stuff he has done.

So I am merely trying to see if anyone here has any connections to the guy before I really investigate what the hell I can do!


Hey, I just joined this group to send you a message. You are not the only guy that got scammed by this dude. Please join us on facebook we currently have a small group that is trying to get this guy I will send you a private message with our real names so we can find each other on FB.


UPDATE: all hardware has been sent - is it possible to have this whole thread deleted?