Solar System

Year 2017 is HHHUUUGGGEEE for 8bit ATARIs (smaller brothers of Atari ST).
There are 2 most amazing projects since 80s! Brand new ATARI boards which fits
into MAC MINI like mini ITX PC cases!!!

ATARIBITS ( brings us ATARI compatible 1088XEL mini ITX board.
With real CPU and original 2x POKEY (8 channels), PS/2 keyboard and mouse accelerator, 1MB RAM and flash for multiple OSes,PC USB connection for loading and saving games,Atari joystick ports,cartridge port...So ideal Atari for tracking music or playing old or new games...Original and clean sound from original Atari PSG Pokey chips with 8channels stereo.Or with mpt you can have 6channels PSG and 2 PCM samples...


DEV-FORUM: … ct/page-15


XEL will be masterpiece based upon original ATARI board design.

Another beautiful amazing miniITX board is bassed on FPGA miniITX EclairéXL. It is not using original chips on other hand
you will have ultra fast 28MHz 6502 turbo mode faster than AMIGA!!! Ideal for watching 3D demos or playing unplayable
vector or 3D games... Dual pokey... Or using 28MHz for unknown pokey effects!!! Everything is HW emulated. But
Extremely compatible with existing software...


Dev-FORUM: … a-project/

So I hope you will buy/build new boards. And use them together with SIDs, GAMEBOYS,NESes as POKEY sounds supercute too!
Price of boards will be almost same as price of old Atari 130XE from 1985 or 2x NESes on ebay. So 200-300USD. But everything will be brand new. Manufactured in small series (so why price is little bit higher). Anyways in price of 4x Nike sneakers or price of snowboard
you will gets highest Atari 8bit HW specs. Atari 130XE got 128KB of ram and 1x POKEY. With new boards you will get 1024KB of ram and 2x pokey. SDcard...
Plus you will be unicorn on chipmusic scene. As there are very few Pokey musicians out there. It means original sound!

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Abandoned on Fire

I'm not an Atari guy but that is very cool and exciting stuff!

Solar System

XEL will be available as kit, pcb or fully mounted computer...