Hey there! Currently looking around for any local chiptunes artist. Would love to meet some new like-minded fellows that take part in the scene. I know it's basically dead in Vegas, but I would love to be part of a movement to give it rise here in the great city of Las Vegas, NV. Ps...my sound cloud is https://m.soundcloud.com/ajaxe77123

Currently working on an album/EP and will be soon posting some tracks on here!:) Thanks for listening. Let's do something awesome!

Yo brother We from Vegas! Hide Your Tigers and De La Decay. We gonna be jamming on May 5th at Thunderbird Lounge for First Friday and gonna be jamming at LvL UP, theres a pretty awesome noise scene out here and plenty of opportunity to jam chiptune!

Holy crap! I'll be there! What time will the show start?
You're tunes are pretty awesome. Good to know there are a few of us here

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