i have the two linked together with a game link cable. nanoloop set to midi sync mode (this one seems most accurate out of the 3) lsdj set up with NANO sync.

every time i hit start on lsdj, nanoloop plays through it's pattern at the same tempo as LSDJ but never goes back to the start of the pattern? it starts at a seemingly random step.

any ideas?

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Yeah the "m" could be master or slave mode in nanoloop mono try switching your master and slave around and also definantly try "nano" sync mode in lsdj. Let me know if this helps smile

i think the m is slave mode, i guess this would usually be an s in 1.7?

after messing with a few more settings, the only way i can get it to properly sync is using lsdj's a.clock out and mono accepting clock signal. also have to play it from the song screen to make it play in sync. there has to be another way.

what i want is to have nanoloop reset to the start of it's pattern when i stop lsdj.

_jm wrote:

what i want is to have nanoloop reset to the start of it's pattern when i stop lsdj.

That's not possible (currently). Nanoloop pretty much only takes sync pulse, not song position, and from what I've tried, it doesn't seem possible to reset nl mono's pattern position or even advance the pattern manually, as can be done with nl2.

It's probably better, if LSDJ allows, to have mono as master.. but if you're using song mode in mono as well, it'll still be difficult to get them both to start in sync.

the only way to reset the pattern position is to cancel slave mode (start) and then reactivate it (A+B), this will always put the position on the last step. you can do this from the song mode screen too. it's kinda painful but seems like the best way.

nanoloop isn't as viable as master for lsdj because it's constantly updating it's position unless it's in a sync mode

ah yes, I forgot about that.

Can you not just use nanoloop as master and then start lsdj by ear?