Hello! My friend gave me his Game Gear. I've been looking around at music possibilities and I have a few questions; as I understand it, my main option for actually using a Game Gear is to:

-write in Deflemask under Sega Master System
-export songs to ROMs
-buy an everdrive cart, flash all of the song ROMs to the everdrive

I'm coming from almost exclusively an LSDJ background so a lot of what I've read about using this and other older systems is hard to understand, not to mention less information, tutorials, etc. available

I think I read that the pulse channels can also handle audio samples, is that correct? Will Deflemask handle that while writing for SMS?
I noticed some other trackers, (sneven tracker, Little Scale's program, mod2psg2) and they all look like a more comfortable interface but Deflemask seems like the only finished program that I can use to get my songs on to hardware. Is that true?
Is there any other advice I should know for starting out?
I greatly appreciate any help!