Hi, I'm ModTomIT. This is my first time posting here. I'm known for making chiptune Impulse Tracker modules which only use square wave samples. This is sort of my thing, to constantly find ways to keep it interesting within that confine.

Last December I released what I consider my best work on Bandcamp in the form of an album called Unknown Moon...To not much response. Since no one seemed to care, I did the logical thing and went through the trouble of releasing it on CD on the mostly imaginary record label Fourier Records (in other words, I released it myself in a small run.)

The CD is pro duped, with artwork, and the moon printed on the CD. It comes in a shrink-wrapped jewel-case.

$5 plus shipping

Today that CD is available at: http://modtomit.bandcamp.com/album/unknown-moon/

Hi, rather than make another topic I decided to put this in the existing topic for Unknown Moon.

I made an album that I suppose could be called "pulse noise"...it's made in OpenMPT without VSTs and only uses a square wave sample for the whole album, but it's actually more like a dark ambient album that finds many ways to create unique textures through effects, layering atonal sounds and tonal manipulations of the pulse wave to create something unique. It is out on CD (shrink wrapped in jewel case with art) for $5 plus shipping or digital download for $3, just like Unknown Moon