Now, that I have finally constructed one...
Where can I find a good tut. on all the basic functions of the LSDJ Keyboard? How do I get the notes I play on the keyboard to stick in phrase or chain?-Instead of just playing notes and having nothing show up in a phrase? I set everything at 00..where can I go from here? Best Method of creating instruments w/ keyboard? (I have a separate Save file for "Keyboard") Do I start from scratch on this file, in terms of creating instruments? Is there an easy or more correct way to do this stuff? yikes

I'm pretty interested in this info too. Cause I must be doing something wrong.

I have done everything according to the book (of Threatris), down to the same model of keyboard, DMG-07, colors match. While synced up in LSDJ I even get real time recognition of the notes that I'm playing in the little HUD monitor.

My confusion is that I can only render notes if I have already placed them in the step sequencer. I understand that LSDJ needs to be running, but I thought as long as the channel was in use and running, the keyboard would be able to render the pitch and location of notes just by pressing the keys.

I watch other's videoes, and they're even able to play instruments that have an envelope (other than FF) on them. I am only able to get sound from the keyboard if there is already a note being played (written in the step sequencer), and then it can only change the pitch. Therefore, if the note slowly fades away, I can only change the pitch until it fades to silent. Typing on the keyboard doesn't re-trigger or trigger any notes for itself. This is kind of annoying, because if I dont play just in front of the step, then the originally written notes play through.

This isn't correct is it? Tell me I'm missing something obvious please.

Hmmm... I thought that you cannot record notes into the sequencer using the keyboard, it is strictly for jamming and live use. The latest version of the manual has everything there is to know about the keyboard: … _4_0_0.pdf Look at page 50 under "Keyboard Control".

As for creating instruments, tables are the way to go for creating good instruments to use, as effect commands are not efficient for use with the keyboard. I guess it is a good idea to just create a SAV file for exclusive keyboard use and fill it with lots of cool instruments.

Ceafin, the keyboard should work after enabling keyboard in sync options and then pressing play in the sequencer, nothing else needs writing into the sequencer, again if you want to use envelopes or effects put them in the table of the instrument instead of the effects column of the sequencer

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@<|¦¬{D Yeah, I've read the manual back and forth, and it's not that I am assuming the keyboard doesn't work unless notes are written, this is in fact my experience when following all the directions given to me through the LSDJ pdf and following along with Thretris's blog thus far.

I guess I'm wondering more so how to alleviate the issue or find anyone else that is having/has had the same phenomenon happen to them.

The tip on relying on tables though is of help at least, them giving access to quick effect changes using the keyboard, so thanks for that smile


I know this is a super old post but i have had the exact issue for a while now. Ive gone through the docs and followed all the steps.
My keyboard works and i can see the notes in PU1 but no sound/noise or anything.
The only way to get sound is to fill the chain with blank notes (like ceafin mentioned), but then its not really live and the sound is locked to the blank notes filled into the pulse channel.

Ive seen a few dudes on youtube jamming live with theirs but cant get the same to work.

Set up a blank phrase, chain,  and  instrument. Crank the tempo and jam. You can also use the arrows and the number pad to compose, pair that with Super game boy 2 and have a good time

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