Kurzweil K2000RS. Maybe not something this forum is interested in, but if you have a thing for hyper-complex 90s digital synths, this is *the* thing to have. It does FM, subtractive, additive I think, sampling (with a solid library of samples built-in), sequencing and probably a few other types of synthesis that I forgot. A couple minor cosmetic issues. One output (out of like eight or ten) is a little lower than the others, but this might also just be some setting I never got to (I barely used it or explored the menus, and I never factory reset it from the state I got it in). $250 obo

SOLDCasio CZ-101. You know it, you love it. Technically not a chiptune synth, but in the same ballpark. $150 obo

SOLDSelling my beloved sammichSID, with no SIDs included. This has been my favorite synth since the day I built it, but as I just completed my MB-6582, it's time to let the little guy go. It was my first DIY, so some of the soldering isn't the prettiest, but it worked the very first time I turned it on and hasn't given me even a hiccup in the four or five years since. Just to be clear, again, there are no SIDs included. The sammichSID can take up to two SIDs (currently set up for two 8580/6582, but it can be set for use with 6581s as well), but I have none to offer. I can give you my best leads on where to find them, though, just ask (and stay away from eBay). Other than just popping new SID chips in, everything is working and included (power supply too). It turns on and runs just fine without the SIDs (as shown) but it won't make sound till you put them in.. $400obo

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SammichSID  https://imgur.com/a/3Cdbe

CZ-101  https://imgur.com/gallery/OGLVJ

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Bump for new item.

Anyone? Make an offer.

I'd trade you my x0xb0x for sammich!!! I'm stewing on the cz also but... saving cash 'v'

Sorry, I want a x0xb0x but I want to do it myself. Unless you've got a MOTU 828mkii or similar, not interested in trade at the moment.

sammichSID sold, K2000RS added

Cz-101 sold