the NTRseries is a five-part series of ultra limited 7" whitelabels that contains 2 tracks written by a different nanoloop artist and a unique handstamped interpretation of each nanoloop parameter hand drawn by DØGM.

limited edition of 30 copies for each part.
strictly vinyl only. no digital. no repress.

the first part contains 2 acid jams by RLSN (half of CYMBA + DØGM) written and recorded live on 4 simultaneous game boy advance using nanoloop 2.7.8 and 2 drum machines. straight to tape. no post edit.

it's available now on : https://obole.bandcamp.com/
previews : https://soundcloud.com/obolerec/sets/ntrseries-rlsn

NTRseries1 - artist : RLSN
NTRseries2 - artist : ??? (revealed in may)
NTRseries3 - artist : ??? (revealed in june)
NTRseries4 - artist : ??? (revealed in july)
NTRseries5 - artist : ??? (revealed in august)

wanna get the entire series and avoid shipping fees for each part ?
you'll find an option to buy the COMPLETE COLLECTION (all the 5 records) at once. note that if you use this option, the entire collection will be sent when everything will be pressed (around september?)

Super exciting stuff, these are gonna be way mean!!