Greetings and thank you for reading my first post here. I was just told to get an account here to post my music for you all. This is Digre. There has been two bandcamp releases so far and I am working on a third one. For my debut Martyryxan I used both famitracker and pulseboy so it was mixed fakebit and famitracker chiptune. Here I translated old christian hymns to instrumental music relying heavely on byzantine tones and I aslo provided some self composed tracks. Then I released The Way of a Pilgrim that was based on a book, by the same name, that was discovered in 1860 at Mount Athos monastery in Greece. For this album I used famitracker NES channels only and I was planning to record it all through a original european nes but I hade no means to afford it. Maybe someday.

I hope maybe some of you would like to listen in on these tracks and I am sure I will stay on this forum for inspiration, community and knowledge exchange.

God Bless

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Velkommen til Chipmusikk Olov! wink

That's some very cool concepts and albums! I enjoy how it sounds like some old and melancolic games.

For the recording from original hardware, you might request someone to do it for you, I'm sure some people here could help! (I'm tempted to buy an everdrive cardridge for my own recordings, but I haven't done so yet)

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Thank you again. I like your picture. it somewhat looks like old Macintosh SE styled graphics. I have made some music on such a machine that I shall release when the moment feels right.
I will remember the option to let somebody record from original hardware for when, and if, there will be a tape or record release. Thank you.