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Hey Everyone - Our new EP "DLC the OST" is a satire on the modern game industry's release model of putting a game 80% complete out then selling you the remaining 20% as "DLC. IF you are a gamer, you know what we're talking about. WE couldn't bring ourselves to actually follow the model and rip off friends/fans, so we did what the industry does last, a "game of the year" style bundle. It is available now via Bandcamp here: … bundle-v13

1. DLC the OST (Season Pass Edition) 04:23
2. Stand Alone Adventure (Bundle Bonus) 02:22
3. Emperor's New Content (Bundle Bonus) 03:04
4. DLC the OST (Standard Edition) 02:42
5. DLC the OST (Drums DLC) 02:41
6. DLC the OST (Expansion DLC) 01:41


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Awesome stuff! I LOVE the idea of having the individual tracks of a song available. Dj and sampler fodder. Paying for the seperate parts doesn't bother me as long as the "value"  of the parts is equal to the complete song price.


The 80/20 "rule" will never die

Los Angeles

Oscillating - Yes, we have 3 songs for $3 buckazoids basically, the last 3 of the 6 tracks are the 1st track parts in true DLC style. lol