oscillating wrote:

Buy a powerpak. Throw a resistor in your NES. Done. It's worth it.
I'm definitely interested in plgDavids mod board. I LIVE for seperate audio channel outs and midi in ports. That's my jam.

I mentioned in the first post of this thread that I'm looking for alternatives because I'm on a budget. Also, I recommend using a potentiometer instead so you can adjust the volume (or for anyone else reading ENIO EXP if you don't wanna mod).

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Welp, did some commissions, bit the bullet and ended up buying a Powerpak. I'll still be looking into cheap solutions however since I intend to sell my songs during live shows on carts.

I've seen on ebay a cart named "Cleverdrive", it says it's "Not krikzz compliant", and a different firmware (which can't be upgraded). I don't know if it's serious or a scam. The price is around $80.

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