Hey everyone,

do you have a clue where one can see how many .mod-files there are online to this date?
This would be very helpful! Thank you in advance!

Click music in the top bar and filter by file type.

Edit: Or do you mean on tbe whole internet?

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nitro2k01 wrote:

Click music in the top bar and filter by file type.

Edit: Or do you mean on tbe whole internet?

Well, yeah, thats actually kind of what I am looking for. I just need some number since I can't seem to find them on modarchives..

The torrent tracker offers some clue:


Some back of the envelope calculations: The 2007 snapshot is claimed to contain 120000 (hundred and twenty thousand!) modules and is about 30 GB big. 120000/30=4000 gives about 4000 modules per gigabyte of data. The addition packs for each year is about 1 GB and accounts for ~10 years, so that's another 40000 modules. Those are very rough numbers but that should give you an idea.

Although that's across all module formats, like xm, s3m, it etc, not just mod. Not sure if that's important for your statistics.

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there are eight modules

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and 3 module formats

Talked this with Coma/3LE, who is admin in Modland:

"Well, Modland is of course far from complete, but there are right now 77109 modules in the Protracker folder (where of course several other similar formats are mixed in). To this comes 1170 Soundtracker modules. And a few others with a .mod suffix. There are also 1490 unsorted ones, but these are largely duplicates. All in all I would be surprised if I ever find more than 100000 Sound/Noise/Protracker modules to add to Modland."

If you don't know Modland:

"Welcome to Modland - probably the largest module archive in the world.
Currently there are 441693 modules online in 373 different formats,
old and new! If you're a module freak like us, feel free to download!
If you have no idea what a module is, then you're in the wrong place!"


I like the fact that listing of hosted tunes takes 4.5Mb zipped big_smile

modland is awesome, I access it through the excellent modizer app on iphone, which is a surprisingly good module player


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