Hey all! I'm Sukuiji (You can call me Suki also :3). I make glitch/colorful/ art for fun and I recently thought to myself, "Hey. I'm good at this. I wonder if I can make some money with my art..." So now I'm here! I have an Instagram page with all of my work if you want to see what I do smile I would say that I'm "ok" at adding text since I work mainly on my phone and there's limitations with that and other bs lol. But yeah, feel free to check out my work and send me a DM on Instagram if you want to use some of my stuff or if you want me to make you anything smile I haven't really charged for my work yet so I'd say for a single song, I would be fine with $3-$4, EP's (2-3 songs) are $6-$7 and full length albums (6 or more songs) would be $10-$20. The prices will vary depending on how many songs are in the Album/EP. I accept payments through Venmo btw smile

Here's my Instagram page btw smile

Have a good day smile


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Keep up the good work homie!!!