Hey guys, sorry for registering just for this, but I don't have time for this hobby anymore and these things are just gathering dust in my drawer.

Bought them directly from:



https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l= … &p=322

Tehy didn't get much use - had some fun with Cynthcart, MSSIAH was booted up maybe twice.

Cynthcart - $20
MSSIAH - $35

Shipping from Europe (Poland)


I'd buy MSSIAH from you and I'm from Poland as well. PM sent.

@Bitcorp, i'm still waiting for payment details smile

Hey, danthalian, no idea what happened - I sent the message and it's in my outbox.

Sent it again just now, please confirm you received it.

PM received, money transferred, check PM please smile

MSSIAH sold, Cynthcart still available smile

No takers for the Cynthcart? It's tons of fun smile


Any price drop? For $35 there are Cynthcart 2.0 with case, box and manual smile

I was testing it and it was so much fun I decided to keep it wink