Today on one Atari forum from Poland i found
amazing cartridge for Atari 65XE/800XE/130XE/800XL/XEGS.
It is 18 channel stereo - OPL3 soundcard!!!



How OPL3 sounds:


Now I want 4x of them... I hope there will be some OPL3 player or
even native tracker on A800 too...

WOW Thanks for posting this!! Very cool. I've thought about something similar for a while, both on the A800 and ST. Got's to get me one....

Matej wrote:

Hmmmmm....:)  This is ? a one-off Atari cart??  It's labeled with 2012. OR is it a PD-98xx cart?  Do Tell

Hello friends.
I will do PCB and also I have buyed 10x OPL3+DAC.
So I will try revive this project. I will try to find tracker coder
which will do OPL3 Tracker...

Interested... Would love to hear Atari play FM