Does anyone have an easy hack or knowledge of a small pc board to enable using a momentary switch to send a constant signal? (on/off)

I've found this: … shbutton-/  but am hoping someone has a ready (and very small) alternative.

Any reason you can't just use a "normally on" switch?

Difficult to find small ones?

How bow dat: … F-Circuit/

Or you could use an at tiny or something.

That's beautiful, Catskull, thank you.  Want it to add a small button on the front of a GBC to boost the brightness of an AGS-101 screen mod using BennVenn ribbon connector and SP AGS-101 driver board - not because it's necessary, just because it would be fun.  smile

You're trying to boost a backlight? If the LED is fed through a resistor as usual, just put a switch + resistor in parallel with the existing one so that the LED current increases when the switch is on.

plenty of switches here: … p;_sacat=0