I'll just change it on my side then if that's alright. smile No worries.

Edit- Your two songs have been updated on my side to be "2017 Creative Commons CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)". They should now show up randomly for people. tongue

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Indianapolis, IN

hey perfect! thanks for your help and great work smile


This was broken for a little bit (dunno how long) due to CMO switching to AWS for music hosting. I updated the URLs in my database so now we're all good.

The biggest benefit to come out of this is that CMFM now stays HTTPS, which is just better in general but should lead to prompts on Android to install to homescreen (if you prefer.)

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Crime City, Sweden

Oh, so it's working again? Great news! big_smile I just arrived here and it didn't work a couple of days ago. I didn't say anything though because I figured it was either being worked on or the project had ended.

Yes, it works! It wooooorks! *brings out the coffee and turns up volume*

Melbourne, Australia

Very cool!




New UI powered by Giphy and Concrete coming soon. big_smile


Hey so unfortunately .fm domain names are $100/year, and I'm unable to renew it for the time being.

Apologies again (and also that the redesign is taking so long.)

Will hopefully have better news in a couple weeks.

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~1 week