Hi everybody smile

I'm a game developper looking for a musician. It's for my game called "INFINITE , Beyond The Mind".
It's only a demo at this stage. If you want to see it : -Link removed-

About the songs I need :

-Main menu (Main theme)  -- 1 minute loop
-Level 1 -- 45 seconds loop
-Level 2 -- 45 seconds loop
-Level 3 -- 45 seconds loop
-Boss theme (for a standard boss) -- 45 seconds loop
-Boss theme 2 (for an important boss) -- 45 seconds loop
-Game over jingle  -- 5 seconds not a loop

About the style :

Something nes-like , that can be only 4 channels or it can be up to the nes vrc7. But I'm still open to something else.

Deadline :

roughly end of july. But if more time is needed don't worry.

Compensation :

I have a budget  of 2000 € for the music for the entire game (It's around 2250 $) , details will be discussed in private.

To contact me directly :

[email protected]

Thank you wink

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Thank you everybody for contacting me ,

I have found someone.

I'm happy to see that this community regroup a lot of talented people ! smile