Thanks for posting that! I'd heard of it but never seen specifics.

Signals are available pre-envelope only. R and N play constantly at full volume and a digital envelope is applied via DAC. C has an analog envelope but still goes through a DAC that controls volume and shapes the envelope a little. Depending on frequency, C may produce a constant hum or much longer envelopes pre-DAC.
The signals you wish to separate would be those coming out of the DACs. However, they are wired together and go into an amp stage. To separate them, you would have to cut them off the mix, so there is no way to grab them without destroying the cart. Not really worth the effort I'd say.

Thanks for the insight Oliver! I often daydream about an expanded version of nanoloop mono with a tiny breadboard style socket/header on the top of the cart, with individual audio/CV outs etc.. a man can dream tongue

edit: part of the charm with nanoloop mono though is that it's got that lovely amalgamated sound that would be lost (imo) if splitting the signals out, almost as good as the almost analog sounding overdrive that nanoloop 2 achieves when pushing the channels a bit too hard (which I love!).

darenager wrote:

FWIW I documented a way to get an output direct from the cart without modding the cart, but by modding the GB, it is much louder than even prosound and sounds a lot better, there is still some white noise but it does not have the hum and cpu noise/whine.

Awesome, I've had a few people ask me about this mod, and have been too lazy to open my DMG up again and take photos.. I'll just send them this photo and credit you instead big_smile

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