Hi fellow chiptuners,
so I just bought a lot of two Ataris on a flee market. These are my first ever 16bit computers. One  of them is the STe 1040 and other STf 520 but unfortunately the STe 1040 doesn't seem to turn on.
So basically nothing happens when flipping the switch to turn on the STe, the two lights on the keyboard don't light up.. So I decided to open it up to see what was going on and to my great surprise I saw that there where no RF shields what so ever under the hood, could that really be why the STe wasn't starting ?
Then I checked the power supply board but nothing seemed really weird there after a first glans. What's your suggestions?

Could I maybe take the powersupply board from the STf and put it in the STe ?

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Probably it is just power supply... … placement/


From what I have been reading about the ste. It is often the PSU that won't work, so you probably need to replace it.
You could also try to take out the chips in the socket and reinset them.

But the best advice would be to go to atari-forum and ask there,.


Thanks a lot @Matej and @fedepede04 for your help ! The PSU was the problem ! I don't know if I'm gonna try to recap it with new capacitors or buy a new one from exxo