Hi! I'm looking for Gameboy music to play in the background of a livestream. I'd like something I can load onto my flash cart and play from my Gameboy, so .GBS files that I can convert to .GB files would be ideal. Does anybody have any tunes I can use or know of any? And of course I'll credit the artists of anything I use. big_smile

Just curious, but why use the gb as a playback device? Wouldn't it be easier to just play mp3 (or wtv) at a common player while you stream?

Oh yeah, it certainly would be easier to do that, haha. I realize there's nothing practical about it. But it's just for fun.

The thing is that I guess most people use LSDJ or Nanoloop, which doesn't make .gbs files.
So my guess is that there won't be many .gbs files on the web from artists and not only from games. But I might be wrong.

So, i have no idea where you should start or where you would go to find some. My bet is that this forum might be just a pointer to another place on the web where you will find it.

There might be old stuff somewhere on the web, prior 2000. I know that people used software to do .gbs files.

Have fun and good luck!

That's true! Another possibility I can think of is to find some LSDJ songs and convert them into .GB files. I found this thread about converting them. And I found this website of LSDJ songs. But apparently it only allows downloading if you've uploaded something yourself, and I don't have LSDJ myself and so nothing to upload.

I don't know anything about LSDJ song data, so I don't know much about converting them either.

I wonder if there's anywhere else I can find some LSDJ song data that would be okay to use? (That would hopefully be convertible?)

And thanks!

Hey MegaLoler!

You could use LSDJsng FIles with the LSDJ Player which is available for free and free to use, but only works with old versions of LSDJ / old songs made with LSDJ. (Up to Version 3.5.1)
You can grab the player here. -> http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/latest/player/

I think it's easy to get LSDJsng FIles if you ask about it instead of GBS Files.
As far as GBS Files are really uncommon in the chipmusic scene. And more a known thing to the gaming scene.

The thing I can offer you is a ROM of one of my album releases that came out on a real cartridge.
You can find the free download verision here -> http://tronimal.de/wp-content/uploads/2 … _World.zip
or at gamejolt -> http://gamejolt.com/games/tronimal-hello-world/177161
(At gamejolt you are able to prelisten directly in your browser!) wink

It contains 8 songs that could be played on real hardware!

Have fun!

A yeah, if you want to use my music it's running under a CC-BY license. Which means free to use but name the artist.
If that's a problem, drop me a mail ([email protected]) and we'll find another way!

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