Hey guys,
I'm having an issue with one of my DMGs, when I turn it on all the pixels are black (on) and the contrast wheel doesn't change anything.
I was attempting to do a backlight mod but I think I may have damaged something while cleaning the adhesive off of the screen (after removing the reflective layer). At first it was just blurry but now it's completely black. The sound is still functioning so the PCB board seems to be working fine.
I noticed a couple of broken connections on the cable behind the screen so I tried soldering them but still to no avail. I also notice some strange diagonal lines that fade out when I turn the system off. Also, the longer the system is on, the longer it takes for the screen to fade when I turn it off. Have you guys encountered anything like this. If so, were you able to fix it?

Any advice would be great!
Thank you,

P.S. As soon as I get a chance, I'll try to post some pictures.

Here are the pictures:

I'd double check the ribbon cable connecting the two pcbs, but other than that, it's probably toast sad

I'd go over these connections with a soldering iron. Turn the power off before doing this, and gently hold the flexible PCB down so it does come lose when applying heat. Make sure there are no bridges before turning the power back on. Otherwise, this might be a problem with the contrast wheel, such as the wiper not making good contact with the potentiometer track.

Alright, thanks guys! I tried running over those connections again and still no luck. I've got another DMG on order to replace this one so I'll just be extra careful this time. The last backlight I did I had no problems but for some reason this one had a crazy amount of adhesive on the glass that didn't want to come off. The reflective layer came off pretty easily but the residue that it left was really bad. Maybe I used too much alcohol when trying remove it, I'm really not sure. Any advice on removing the reflective layer/cleaning the residue next time?
Also, in case you guys are curious I got a photo of the diagonal lines. I've never seen anything like it before:

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Also, I believe the contrast potentiometer is working fine because it was working fine before the mod and I checked it wit my my multimeter and it seems to be working correctly. Unfortunately I think the screen is just toast hmm

Does anything happen if you poke the ribbon cable on the screen? Like do the lines change much? If they do, I'd suspect a loose connection somewhere, otherwise I'd think the ribbon was damaged or cut.

Unfortunately no. I feel like there might be some broken connections somewhere I can't see, but it's definitely getting power because all the pixels are on when the console is on. I think it might have been salvageable at one point because the screen was just blurry, but after fiddling with it and leaving the screen on too long, I started seeing those weird artifacts and now it seems like it's just toast. I'm holding on to it for spare parts for now, maybe I'll revisit it at some point.