go listen!

new vids from yesterday, check em out.


entry002 original fcp3
dracula x
puzzle bobble
entry085 original fcp3
pizza rolls
quarantime woman
megaman infamous intent track 44
entry077 cover fcp3

Wow. You are really, really good at the drums!

hey thanks a bunch catskull, i give em a whack every damn day, ahah! chipmusic is tough to keep on top of when youre a drummer, you've got virtually zero latency if you want it to sound good, so doing a whole set of em, it really requires paying attention to all of it like its one big song. im gonna try and continue putting up daily vids, its a big timesink, but i feel like i should continue with it. here's some vids from the 6th, featuring tunes by zzzv, more fcp3 entries, and a super crate box medley. theres also a b-side for that set on the 5th where i did songs by fod, shnabubula, zabutom and many others, hit up the youtube for that. but heres the scb medley and some zan tunes i dusted off. thanks again for listening!