The Rubber Man

Well, nobody will go abroad just to see/hear such stuff but if You're close to Danzig, You might just consider this.

YM-DIGITAL the Atari 520ST band - along with the drummer Pinokio - will play a gig at "RetroKomp /LOAD ERROR 2017" multiplatform party, taking a place in 20-22.10.2017. The club's name is "Scena Muzyczna GAK", its address is: Powstańców Warszawskich Street no. 25, 80-152 Gdańsk, Poland.

The party's site:
The band's site:
The club's site:

The concert might sound like this but of course with ST instead of Falcon.
Another thing is, I dunno how about Factor6 but I don't have enough of material, so I intend to play some of my Falcon and TT songs too. smile

We will play in 20.10.2017.
But if You'd be interested in ATARI XL/XE too, then a day later - 21.10.2017 - in the same place, Pinokio will play a solo gig with ATARI 8bit and drums.
Which definitely will sound like this smile


The Rubber Man


This was instead … i-concert/

Anyway, maybe there will be another occasion to make a fully Atari ST gig.