I've been sequencing music for about 7 or 8 years now, but I've never had the chance to experience any hardware synths.

I wanna buy something like a C64 or a PC98 but I'm not sure if those are good choices for a first chunk of hardware xp
What would you recommend to me?

A GameBoy. tongue

But seriously, look into trackers and emulators and see which ones you like working with best. Here's a great place to look: http://woolyss.com/chipmusic-chiptracke … =Commodore

I, for one, really like the sound of the YM2149: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_I … _AY-3-8910 And lucky for me, the Sunsoft 5B is a variant of this, so I'm able to work with this in FamiTracker.

Whats your sequencer of choice? Probably best to pick something that works well with that, to reduce the learning curve.

Imo very few chipmidi devices are without weird things that make midi control less powerful than using a tracker.

I 2nd the GET A FOUR OP FM synth