Has Sir cTrix ever drop that SNES cart he was making?
the thread on it was rather dead and doesn't have info if he gave up on it and I personally don't know him so I figured I'd ask ya'll to see if you know if he
plans on still making it (if your seeing this cTrix & you are no longer making it I'd love to give it a go if you don't mind)

So, from what I gathered, there was never a cart that he was making. It was a PC based tracker that could export a rom file for the snes. Basically, he was making it with another guy from the Aus demoscene (I think ferris?), and iirc they needed to rework quite a few elements of the tracker for it to function properly for everyone else to use. These are yet to be fixed because life does it's things, and when people have jobs and responsibilities and live in separate cities, it's hard for them to work on software together.

Oh I totally get it man, I was just curious how far he's got// adulting bro lol

regardless of how long it takes it sounded beautiful and will wait patiently since I have the upmost faith in him..I just heard no info and was curious, thank you Panda heart