Last weekend (30-09-2017) we played a chiptune concert for the visitors of gamedev conference of Slovak University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.
Quite a nice event. Mostly we played ZX Spectrum micromusic (YM/AY) but also Atari ST stuff (the same chip) and Pinokio added something form his ATARI 130XE.
As usual - live synths and live drums were present, along with several projections of 8-bit games and demos on bigscreens and huge oldschool CRT TV-set. smile

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Sounds like an awesome event

Hey, wassup.
Sadly for now we have only very raw material video (like this smile when the guy walks with the camera everywhere) but later we expect to have some well-done final mix audio/video.
I will post it here when it's ready.
All the best smile

yeah it sounds awesome! cant wait for the final video !

Thx guys, I'll let You know. smile
Kind regardssssssssss,